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Produits Dentaires to introduce new irrigation needle at IDS 2019

Alexandre Vieira, Marketing and Communication Director at Produits Dentaires, speaks about IrriFlex, a new-generation irrigation needle. (Photographs: Produits Dentaires)

Thu. 21. February 2019


Produits Dentaires (PD), a family-owned company that has built a strong international brand synonymous with Swiss quality, will be launching new products and introducing its new digital corporate identity at IDS 2019. According to Marketing and Communication Director Alexandre Vieira, the event will mark the beginning of a new era for the company. One of the products that will be launched is IrriFlex, a new-generation irrigation needle that Vieira says performs powerful and complete irrigation of the root canal.

Mr Vieira, Produits Dentaires will be launching a number of products at IDS. Your R & D departments must have been busy leading up to the event.
Indeed, the team that has worked on these projects did a fantastic job. We are proud to announce that IDS will see the global unveiling and launch of fi ve new products from PD. We will be introducing a new PD MTA White formula, a new range of PD paper points, a new range of PD gutta-percha points, EssenSeal, an exclusive root canal obturation sealer featuring tea tree essential oil (melaleuca), and IrriFlex, an innovative irrigation needle that will set a new standard in root canal irrigation.

Let’s focus on the IrriFlex needle. Can you tell us about its design?
IrriFlex is a new generation of irrigation needles designed to enable more effective cleaning and disinfection
in root canal therapy owing to its unique fl exibility and exceptional irrigation capabilities.

What is different about IrriFlex?
The IrriFlex needle solves a common problem for dentists: how to irrigate complex root canal systems completely and efficiently. Combining a soft polypropylene body with a unique lateral solution delivery, PD has designed a closedended 30 gauge needle that can easily adapt to the canal anatomy, irrigate effortlessly and clean areas previously impossible to reach. The result is enhanced cleaning and irrigation for a more effi cient and comfortable treatment compared with conventional metal needles.

How does the needle perform in cleaning and irrigation, and what treatment benefits does it offer?
PD’s patented needle design encompasses two side vents, positioned back to back at the tip for powerful lateral irrigation, and the design has a tapered shape to match root canal preparation, unlike metal needles. The 4 per cent tapered design maximises the shear stress along the root canal walls to improve mechanical cleaning efficacy. The IrriFlex needle safely performs powerful and complete irrigation of the root canal to improve removal of residue—such as debris, smear layer and biofilm—in areas impossible to reach with conventional metal needles. The needles are made in Switzerland, produced in a clean room certifi ed ISO7, and delivered in individually sealed pouches designed for single-patient use, thus maximising safety. With this new needle, PD helps general dentists and specialists to perform root canal irrigation more efficiently, comfortably and safely.

What does IrriFlex tell us about the company’s growing portfolio?
IrriFlex is the cornerstone of our expansion strategy in the dental irrigation segment. Our expertise in the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulded parts has opened doors to new opportunities in R & D. We are exploring new concepts towards improved removal of hard and soft deposits from root canals.

IDS is now just around the corner. What else can readers expect to see at the PD booth?
IDS is an excellent opportunity for PD to meet with dental professionals and introduce new treatment concepts. We are delighted to offer free courses, provided by two experts, directly at our booth. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Dr Riccardo Tonini of Italy and Dr Lucia Zaugg of Switzerland will be providing five daily lectures under the theme “Irrigation to obturation and beyond—both clinical application and hands-on”. It will be an excellent opportunity for all participants to familiarise themselves with our new products and the MAP System, which is a big plus for professional obturation and repair therapies. Participants can register by sending an e-mail to