Style meets softness: New RELAXline Soft Upholstery for KaVo treatment units

By KaVo
March 14, 2019

How can a KaVo treatment unit become even more comfortable for the patient? By having particularly soft upholstery that adapts to the contours of the patient, optimising positioning and enabling the dentist to work efficiently, even during longer treatments. KaVo RELAXline Soft Upholstery utilises high-quality memory foam, wrapped in a leather-like material to provide exceptionally high levels of comfort.

The new KaVo RELAXline Soft Upholstery is available in three elegant colours: graphite, cashmere and agave, which fit perfectly in any dental practice. Upon closer inspection, the intricate details become apparent. The precise hand-stitching serves as proof that the new KaVo RELAXline Soft Upholstery is genuinely handmade in Germany.

Softness now also for refitting: KaVo original RELAXline new upholstery set available

Starting from IDS 2019, the new KaVo RELAXline Soft Upholstery will also be available as an attractively priced KaVo original new upholstery set for refitting. This means that older KaVo treatment units can be quickly updated to the newest level of comfort. It’s important to know that, while replacement pads from other suppliers are only foamed and restocked, the KaVo original new upholstery set for refitting is completely built with KaVo original equipment manufacturer quality.

Precision for your practice—Made by KaVo

“With our new RELAXline Soft Upholstery and the new colour agave, we now have even more options for tailoring a KaVo treatment unit to your own specifications,” said Jan Kucher, commercial director for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region at KaVo. “The appealing softness and unique appearance are hard to describe—the best way to experience it is in person. We therefore cordially invite all dentists to try out the new RELAXline Soft Upholstery at IDS and other upcoming trade fairs or their dental dealers.”

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